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whats your rate?

Our most popular question!  The answer depends.  Things like credit scores, loan amount and type of loan all factor into what rate you qualify for.  The good news is that we know the right questions to ask and can usually quote you a rate in as little as 5 minutes.

is refinancing expensive?

Not with us.  In most cases we can get the lender to pay for most, if not all the closing costs.

I had a foreclosure/short sale/bankruptcy. how long before i can buy or refinance?

Timeframes vary based on the type of loan (VA, FHA, Conventional).  See the PDF chart here.  There are some exceptions to these, but these are the general guidelines:

can I get a lower rate online?

Maybe, but probably not.  We can't guarantee that we'll have the lowest rates and costs in the known universe, but from past experience we usually beat what you find online.

how is a mortgage broker different than a bank or mortgage company?

As a mortgage broker, we have the flexibility to shop around with multiple lenders to find you the best rates and programs available.  Banks and mortgage companies are usually more limited in the products they offer and their guidelines are often more stringent, making it tougher to qualify.  Plus, their interest rates and loan costs are usually higher than what we can offer.

what are the advantages of using a mortgage broker?

See Above.

how long does the mortgage process take?

Usually around 30 days from when we take the application until the loan closes.  We can close in less time if needed.

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